A flexible drift weight that holds memory to allow the weight to drag through logs and rocks.



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I started drifting stix first as a product for my personal use. I used them for several months with awesome success. After having some feedback from guys that had fished with me I decided to introduce them to some of the guys that I fish against. I really was happy to hear the great reviews from the guys so I decided to start selling them. I wasn’t looking to make a lot of money I just believed in my product and wanted to share it with all the guys/gals in the industry. I was completely surprised at all the great things I was hearing from everyone and that convinced me that I had made the right decision by putting my product on the market. I work daily at trying to come up with new ideas for the industry. I look forward to adding new product to my drifting stix name in the future to help grow this great industry that we all enjoy.

Clay Henderson

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